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Because Your Windows Can Account for Up to 70% of Your Energy Costs . . .

The protects you from:

• High Energy Costs — Energy savings on both heating and cooling pay for the windows in just a few years. Multi-chambered frames with heavy gauge vinyl walls, fusion welded frames and glass, creates a window system that can save you as much as 50% on your energy bills. Plus, the Protector window system will significantly increase the value of your home.

• Costly Maintenance — Specially formulated vinyl is rugged, never needs painting, never chips and won’t peel, warp or rust.

• Harmful Ultra Violet Light — reflects summer heat and blocks 98% of harmful UV rays protecting your furniture, carpets and other valuables from sun related damage.

• Outside Noise — Quality construction and standard glass eliminates 85% of outside noise

• Unwanted Intruders — Innovative dual tech lock system and interlock systems offer security and peace of mind.

• Risk of Injury — Window construction allows for easy egress in case of fire or emergency.

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